#1. Purchase Quality Tattoos

Low quality decals will most likely not stick properly to your skin, and will wear away very quickly (within few hours).

#2. Clean Your Skin Cautiously

Your skin must be oil free before applying the tattoo. Pick a body part which has little or no hair, and does not sweat abundantly. Also make sure to stick it on body areas where skin moves the least. Avoid sticking on joints, as the tattoo will wear away quicker. Avoid placing the tattoo on your face if you want people to think it is real.

#3 Stick The Tattoo Accurately

It is recommended to get someone to help you with the tattoo application. Try to apply it symmetrically, as crooked tattoos seem fake.

#4 Crop the Gloss Surrounding The Design

The glossy material in the back surrounding the tattoo should be cropped as close as possible to the design. Once the tattoo has been applied and fully dried, it is suggested to apply gently a little loose face/baby powder to the tattoo.

#5 Clean The Tattoo off  Your Skin Once It Starts To Fade or Break Apart

The lifetime of a temporary tattoo is limited. It is likely to last few days, if not exposed to water or any other chemicals. Do not wait for the tattoo to fade and break apart, as it will look unreal. Instead clean it off, and apply a new design, to enjoy every day a new look.

After all, temporary tattoos aren’t permanent what makes them so great to just wear as a fashion piece!